Walter Knoll Vostra Armchair Chair Jens Risom


The story of the Vostra goes back to a design by Danish-American designer Jens Risom in the 1940s – a little beechwood chair with strap covers. When Hans Knoll, Walter Knoll’s son, emigrated to the USA and became independent, he included this piece of furniture in his collection and sent it to his father. Walter Knoll developed it into his own design of a chair with tubular steel feet and elaborate upholstery. In 1949 the classic went into production.

The chairs are in perfect condition. There’re no rips, tears or major marks on the fabric. This red fabric is super easy to clean and in flawless condition and so as the chrome on the legs.

2 pieces on stock!

Additional Information
Stock: 2 pieces
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 cm