Vintage Cinema Chairs from the ’50s set of 2


So in a cloudy day we received a phone call from a lady who said that in a small town somewhere in south Hungary they started the refurbishment of the old cinema and they’d like to get rid of the old chairs. We drove a couple of hundred kilometers and found this old building where they already started the work on the old walls and floor. While checkin out the chairs the lady gave us some information of their origin. She said that these chairs were originally fitted in another town’s cinema not far from this place which was built in the early 50s with these seats. Later in the 70s they changed the function of the cinema building so they transported these seats over this place and fitted them with new upholstery (yellow-ish color last photo). It was only after we collected and started to work on them we found out that the original 80 years old red velvet was left on every single chair when they received the -back then- new fabric.

As you can see the rows are devided by these beautifully aged hard wood armrests. They were fitted on the ground with screwes but they stand nicely without being screwed down. All in all they are in pretty nice condition for their age with some expected marks on the wood and the velvet fabric as well. There are no mayor rips or tears that would affect the use of them.

Please note: We have more than 200 of these seats therefore they are all a little different. We are happy to create row of 3 seats upon request. This listing is for one 2 seater.

The length of the 2 seater is 105 cm and the 3 seater is 158 cm. 


Additional Information
Stock: 94 pieces
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 105 × 80 × 47 cm