Industrial BAISCH Medical Cupboard


This beautiful piece is originated from the 60’s era and it has been manufactured by the leading German medical furniture producer Karl Baisch GmbH. With a product life of more than 50 years, furniture made of stainless steel is indestructible in the true sense of the word. Material, quality and design withstand the ravages of time. Baisch has always been a synonym for a classic, timeless and simple product design which even after years does not lose its aesthetic appeal and has been awarded many design prizes.
The cabinet is made of different kind of high quality metal and there are no plastic parts on in whatsoever. Two drawers and doors for storing items inside and the doors can be opened with separete push buttons above the handles. Drawers has glass bottom interlines and there’s one 5mm thick glass shelf behind the doors.
Oh and there are wheels hidden underneath 🙂

Additional Information
Stock: 1 piece
Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 45 × 71 × 100 cm