De Sede DS 2011 Black Leather Sofa


The DS 2011 is a combination of aesthetics and functionality made by the high-end Swiss manufacturer De Sede. An impressive design with a solid steel construction and light upholstery. Casual cushions and visible seams complete the harmonious look. At the core of de Sede’s philosophy is a reverence for the complexity and beauty of handcrafted furniture in an age when low quality mass-produced objects are the norm. Over the years, the atelier has built a name for itself in its modular furniture pieces, which are made using the highest quality leather upholstery.
This particular piece was purchased as new back in the late 80s and is in great condition. It’s a true icon and will only go up in value as time passes but could also serve you for many ages coming.
Shipping is possible to most of the European countries.
Additional Information
Stock: 1 piece
Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 191 × 83 × 83 cm